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Blurble blurble blurble
nappy heads, me and boys
Probably too long? Too clumsy? Let me know what you think :-) Still awaiting feedback from the other GM

White Rabbit

Admiral Kim: So she’s absolutely determined to remain in active service for the duration? Can’t be tempted with a choice teaching position at the Academy or a promotion? Can’t we just tell her that cosmic radiation will harm the baby?

Commodore Strassmann: She’s not a total idiot, just bloody-minded… Background radiation in the warren is lower than here on Earth. And ships are shielded for transit to the rabbithole. But yeah! She’s determined alright! And seems like she’s related to half the officers in Starfleet. I’ve had submissions from 4 Lieutenants, a Commodore, 3 Captains, an academy instructor, the Chief Engineer and Admiral Lapin herself. Aunts, cousins, brothers… Like bloody rabbits, these Lapins!

Admiral Kim: Let her try, then. We’ve been debating this for too long and lost too many good people. Kids have been growing up for decades on freight ships and liners. Though I’d have preferred a restriction on babies and toddlers. They’re a menace even on passenger flights. Shall we dredge up other recent requests and put together a crew. A courier, I think. Give her the speed and responsibility she’s used to, but in charted tunnels. A Scout is no place for children

Captain Jess Lapin: Hero of the Scout Corps; Discoverer of 3 habitable systems; Rescuer of the Passenger Liner Nomad with 2000 colonists aboard, Charter of 47 tunnels and star systems; Mother.

Join Captain Lapin, her 3 month old daughter Bronwyn and the crew of the fast courier Argent with their families, as they depart on their maiden voyage into the warren, the dark tunnels that link remote star systems and galaxies.

Themes: Conflicting responsibilities; Choices and consequences; Isolation; Loss
Genres: Feel-good family space opera; Black Comedy; Horror
System: Yet to be determined

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It is very long, but that seems to be par for the course for Kapcon blurbs.

I'm interested to see how you combine Feel-good family space opera and horror!

I'm not prepared to guarantee that I can pull it off :D Or that it will be HORROR! but I aim to try & give the characters a lot to lose (which will require player buy in and my best team-building skills)

Assignment 1st, then blog posts (in the abstract) about the 3 stages of play I have in my mind for achieving this. The game has a definite shape now.

Good luck with the assignment. I look forward to reading those posts!

Assignment submitted, substantially complete (= polite way of admitting it was incomplete, because I was too tired to figure out the last couple of bits). Really should sleep but will see how i feel post-study tomorrow :-)

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