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This is James

"I like playing with my friends Joaquin and Luke, and Michael and Will and Paige and Harrison because some of them are funny and some of them are really good at playing rugby or football. I am quite good at football too. I played for the Ruahine Hares and my team was Paige, Luke, Josh, Fraser, Haylee and Danielle, and of course me. I scored a goal in every match except two. I was the top scorer. I like my team. We got through to the second round of the plate in the 6th grade (6 year old) football tournament. It was hard because we had to play 5 games until we got knocked out. I like playing with my brother because he is good at football and rugby and he also plays lego with me. I like lego, star Wars, computer games and I like drawing. My favourite book is The Moon of Gomrath. I also like Narnia and The Hobbit too. My favourite food is fish and chips. At school I have Mrs Howard some days and she's really nice."
James included the woodpile because he helped me move and stack it. He is a great little helper. I was so proud!

[There were pictures of his party and football team too, but I feel dodgy posting images of other people's kids :) We also chose some pics of the boys and the dinosaurs from our holiday and one with us all dressed up to go to roller derby cos the boys wanted to send one with me in, though I doubt they'll want to see it. The boys are making cards. Now I just need to get a new ink cartridge cos I ran out, check addresses with Nige and post thyem, and I get to feel morally righteous]

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